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Hello there guys, I haven't been taking a lot of selfies lately and well it's been raining. I haven't been up to much recently except today I decided to feature on a person's YouTube video but then the rain and electricity didn't really make it possible. The first picture was a makeshift studio where I was supposed to feature in this video but then it was impossible

By now you should know I'm a sucker for pictures and recently I've been diving into the edits, trying a lot of applications including Snapseed, lightroom and well using other applications like youcut to give better effects to my pictures but then these pictures below are mostly of me in the morning without any form of edits.






So I decided to upload today to the faces of hive and to of course keep up the appearance. The last picture I took was in the room where I make my videos and this was taken after I recently made a video. So far so good, lockdown hasn't been totally lifted and colleges are still shut down and it looks like we're not resuming anytime soon. So far I've ordered for a DVD player and I want to dive into watching movies. Cheers guys.

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Hehehee 😄... See this fine Man. Ride on jhor. Sha don't forget to share the video with us on Hive when you guys eventually get to make it.

Flex On Man 😎

Hahaha well I'll go back for the shoot though. It's been a really stressful week my friend and definitely you know I don't shy away from uploading. I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier yesterday was definitely too busy for me.

Oh! No problem then. Yeah, sorry Man. The week has been stressful over here too. Lol, that's true. Will be looking forward to it.
No problem Man. I'm comfortable with getting a reply from you anytime. Be good Man. Take a break to rest if its needed.

Handsome dude. I love those side beards.👍😆

Lol thanks man I'm hoping it'll look fuller in weeks to come

For some people, it takes time to complete. Perhaps you are among them.

Yeah, well I started growing it in march April, I think before December though it should be good.

Beard gang!
Not like me with goati only😂

I use to have a goatee but i cut it and used this lockdown to cut it and went for the side kinda beard as well. So Many people say I look cooler now