My Many Faces in the Philippines

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Ok Hivelanders you'll need to be brave now to look upon the ugly face that is @scubahead.I do tend to hide it alot behind masks and glasses though.


I really didn't expect to see selfies much here but when i saw them in the feed I thought hey, it's a bit of fun for the community. Nice opportunity to see a few folks out there in a natural setting too


And below a couple of complete show off #selfies when i took a ride with @iamyohann in his little whirlybird. Still my favourite thing to do here in Cebu. Like being on a motorcycle in the sky.

I know, I know I am a total poser in this shot. Are you seriously telling me you wouldn't. I wore fist grips to mount the camera as I was petrified I may drop it.
To finish a nice shot of myself and some of my guests after doing litter picking dives underwater. Very rewarding and fun. Everyone feels they have achieved something very positive and at the same time had a lot of fun. It's sad its down there but satisfying to see that you can make a small different in the area you are in by bringing it up.

Ok this last one is not a selfie but just shows me with a bag of trash I'd collected that day
Well I hope I haven't spoiled anyones dinner with views of my face. I Enjoyed posting these though, something a little different to the posts I would usually do.

Thanks for reading the random ramblings from myself

Stay safe out there people


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