Before Being a Mom || Selfie #TBT

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#TBT 2017

So, i was going through the Communities and saw this one and though OH! how fun! I want to post there! then i realize i havent taken a selfie a good one since becoming a mom, because well i dont have the time ( i like to edit them a lot FILTERS AND MORE FILTERS!!!) but then i though OH but is thursday lets do a TBT! by the time i was thinking this it already was friday in my time zone, BUT! there are some places where it is still thursday so here i am =)

I am trying to remember times when i looked like a human being and not just someone milk supplier.

#TBT to 2017


Another One Just Cause... #TBT 2016


oh those were good times, i need that body back!

And the last one just so you see what i am dealing with now #TBT to a Couple of Months Ago...

As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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Wow all the selfie are really good, thanks for sharing

Thank you! Lots of filters put into them to be honest 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ if they exist why not use them? 🤣

That's correct if they exist, we should use them but I don't think so we should overuse them

You look great.

Yeah since those are tbt i agree with u i look great in then 🤣 need to put on real life filters now to look like that

You got it up and running again. Cute baby 😍❤️

❤️ he is cute i agree with u!

Yeah. Yeah. Very handsome boy 💙

You’re a human being even if you supply milk :)
Thanks for sharing the awesome selfies with us!

If u ask my kid he wouldnt agree with u, to him i am just a walking glass of milk 🤣🤣

Pretty mom. Regards to your kid

Thank you he says hi back! He actually says tada! Since he refuses to talk proper words lol


your baby be kickin you face! that's very cute selfie.