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Its another beginning of another and also the last sunday in the month July.
Today i worshiped at Living Faith Church Basin. Last Sunday of the month is Nativity where everyone wears their cultural attire. But i didnt where my native wear.


The pastor talked on the topic Kingdom power is only giving to kingdom purpose and mention some points about the Holy spirit

  1. Holyspirit is the spirit of dedication
  • Dedication is the willingness to give a lot of time, energy etc. to something
  • only the dedicated will be dedicated
  • To be dedicated is to be planted
  • Dedication is a pathway to distinction
  • Dedication is selfless service to God
  • Examples of people in the Bible that are dedicated are Abraham and moses to mention few.
  1. Holyspirit is the spirit of boldness: Holyspirit gives us the spiritual boldness to preach the gospel to people.
    3 Holyspirit is the spirit of joy: Holyspirit gives joy to the people. Holyspirit delivers goodness. Removal ofvjoy implies drieness


Also today is covenant day of exemption
Exemption implies separation, to be free, differentiate etc. If you are single out, no power of the wicked will have power over our life
Things to put on place to enjoy exemption

  1. A revelation by the scripture
  2. Keep the love of Christ alive in our heart
  3. Remain dedicatedto the kingdom advancement project.



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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It looks like more of the ladies wear the native dress but some men didn't.