The unreality of the watched

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"The unreality of the watched makes the watching real.” Octavio Paz

A fiery silhouetted outline as the sun sets behind some storm clouds somewhere off Dominica.


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Robert Downie
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At first glance, i thought that was a bolt of lightning! Awesome shot!

You and I both know that that golden line represents the price of hive on the markets. Amazing how nature reflects the cryptomarkets.

As long as the line stays out of the water ;-)

Life imitating art! That golden line is following a classic Fibonacci sequence with an upside to the moon after the sun sets! hahahaha Who says lightning can't strike more than once?!

Haha, things are looking up then, based on the clouds. Sounds good!

Thanks mate

It reminds me of lightning as castleberry said...Great shot. I'd imaging you had a small window of opportuntiy to capture it. (You must live with a camera in your hands.)

Wow what view!

Thanks mate