I continue with the tests to the 24mm F/2.8 lens, I like the sunset.

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Yesterday was very complicated, I had many things and procedures unfinished, I was busy almost all day, but as the camera is always with me, when I got free, I was able to take a few pictures, which I had pending since I keep testing the 24mm lens, I think I will never stop learning new things about it.

And as I was near a park, I went in search of the next photograph, I had already tried to take it with the 50mm, but to be honest I didn't like the result, this time it is different, it must be because of the beautiful sunset that was happening in front of my eyes.


Although I am still not convinced by the curved lines on the sides, it is a distortion that not all the time I like the result, especially when in the image there are straight lines that show the curvature, I still have another pair of photographs that I am editing until I find the best composition.

Then I could notice an old couple walking towards the sunset, it seemed to me something epic and I couldn't resist, because of the wide angle of the lens they look more distant than they were, still I think I like the result, I didn't want to alter the scene too much, almost there is no edition, just in the sunset to make it visible.



Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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I like the concept of the concrete sphere and you did a good job. It's not the best composition I would say but not worst at all...

No, it's definitely not the best composition, I hadn't taken pictures with the 24mm at that time of day and I looked like a kid in a candy store pointing everywhere haha, but they still serve as tests for me to adapt to the new focal length, I have another couple of pictures that I'm still editing. 😁

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