Macro photography of bee with parasites

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The following picture was taken a few days ago while I was walking around the swamp looking for bugs or flowers that could be used as subjects in my photos.

That day I brought with me the 24mm, but for macro photography it didn't work for me outside, I have to be faster and the insects get scared if we get close, so I used the 55-250mm from Canon to take the picture giving them their space and I think it worked very well, even though bees don't usually stay in the same place for a long time.

I thought about using this photograph to upload it to but the truth is that at first I doubted since the image is not 100% perfect, the bee has a small parasite on one of its legs and I know that it probably wouldn't sell, as a photograph it is good, but for something more commercial it couldn't be used, unless the campaign talks precisely about parasites and diseases of bees, something that I really doubt we have in our blockchain at the moment, I wonder how long it will take to sell it in some stock agency?


CategoryNature Photography
CameraCanon EOS Rebel T6
LensCanon 55-250 mm 1:4-5.6 IS II
Shutter speed1/200 s
Focal length250mm

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No pero en verdad estoy empezando a creer q hive vote te odia xq aja estoy por encima de 80%

Sí está pasando algo extraño, hay más opciones?

Este tipo de fotografías me gustan mucho. Excelente captura.

¡Saludos mi estimado!

Gracias, sí se ven espectaculares pero es una verdadera friega hacerlas, más cuando son a pulso y sin trípode, el viento en exterior también influye en el movimiento de la escena, es difícil pero cuando se consiguen son muy gratificantes, saludos

Es polen.