Statues of children, they can be scary.

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There are always subjects that we prefer over others, in my case street photography is what I like more than anything else, but something that I also like very much is statue photography, of course, it can enter into street photography, but in fact they must have their own sub-genre because it is something broad.

I'm not going to tell lies, I almost always get in front of statues, I look at them, I observe their eyes waiting for them to look at me, I always have the feeling that they are going to move and I want to capture it with my camera.

For good or bad luck it hasn't happened yet, but one day I will capture something impressive, so for now I want to share with you the following photographs, they are about some children that are in a park called "La Loma" and by the way, I hope to use some of these photographs for one of the writing contests that I am doing in Spanish.






I hope you enjoyed them, they were all taken at 24mm on a sunny day.

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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Thank you very much for your support

You're welcome! :)

Scary! Looks like a Doctor Who episode.

Yeah, during the day the place is abandoned, and at night that area is very dark because there is no artificial lighting, I'm waiting for a friend to come with me and bring some flashes to see how creative we can be. I hope it will be soon, thanks for your visit.

Que tétrico está eso jajaja, imagínate que voltearan todos a verte mientras les tomas la foto. xD

Jaja, y eso es lo que espero cuando les tomo las fotos

They're very life-like. I agree with @captainklaus - they're like something out of Doctor Who. Don't blink!

Don't close your eyes tonight, because tomorrow who knows what you might see.

Where is it?

It is a park called "La Loma" in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.