We are moving to HIVE! + [Daily roundup #615]

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Hey Photo Community!


Welcome to our daily Top 7 roundup! Thanks to everyone for using our tag!

Make sure to follow our new Photofeed Community ツ

Today We have a big announcement to share with you guys - Without talking to much about the recent weeks and getting to far into details we've finally decided to fully move to the new HIVE Blockchain for a various number of reasons.
As Photofeed is a 100% community orientated project, we do hope that as many of you as possible will join the big move to the HIVE Blockchain.
I will still post on the STEEM Blockchain for the next 7 days to get as much attention as possible for you guys. Let's rock this together!

  • Everyone can participate by using the #Photofeed or #hive-153349 tag to get a chance of daily 7x Upvotes .
  • Daily wrap up from the Top 7 photos of the previous Day
  • Interviews, photo news, and other things related to photography
    You can support our project by delegating to the Photofeed account - Thank you!


Daily Top 7 Roundup



















Thank you!
See you on the other side :)

Thank you!
I am happy :)

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