A Longwood Sunday

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Today was a good day to be outside and, since we haven't been there in some time, my son and I decided it was a good day to go to Longwood Garden. We got there just in time to watch the afternoon watershow.


Video follows. It's really a neat show, and I do love me some baroque music.

That done, it was time to go see some flowers! In particular, I was there to see the water lilies. They're such beautiful flowers.



I'd enjoy having a pool with lilies and a lily pad or two in the yard, but I'd need to have fish to control the mosquitos, and I don't want to take care of fish. So I enjoy other people's water flowers instead.




After enjoying some time near the water we went inside for the little guy to sit down; it was hot, and he wanted to do some Pokemon Go hunting. So while he sat I walked around a little to enjoy some of the other flowers. Here I'll regale you with my amazing knowledge of growing foliage.

Here we have... a purple flower.


And a white flower.


A red flower.


Another red flower.


My flower knowledge knows little bounds, to be sure.

I also brought with me today a 35mm film camera and my favourite floppy-disk based, .6 mega-pixel, crappy camera. Four of them turned out pretty well! I only took about 6 with it, so I'm happy with this set.





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Hello Victor! Let me tell you that I loved your pictures, especially those of the water lilies (I fell in love with these flowers). No matter how much scientific knowledge one has about these things, in reality, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy them because nature always gives us the best gifts. Thanks for sharing! It made me want to go hahaha but I'm far away so it's great that you share them here. A hug and of course, a coffee for you. my dear @wwwiebe


That'd be a really, really long trip for you to see some flowers, @marybellrg ! 😃 Would sure be a lot of fun though. 😃

The video said it was unavailable. Boo!

The rest of your post was indescribably delicious! The shot was superb and the lilies... did you just hear me gasp? They are amazing. That is one of the few places you can go anytime and it is always incredible. You really nailed these shots.

Thank you for taking me with you. I am taking you home. ;))

The video is available now. Youtube took issue with one of the songs, which is now muted. Blah. But you can certainly see the water. :)

Thanks! Runs to look.

Thank you so much! It was worth the wait!

You're welcome! I'm glad you got to sneak along. 😀


If he would not mentioned that "Video follows", I would think that the thing below it is a missing photo, because it looks like as if it would be a photo. At least in the Ecency application.

This is how it exactly looks like:


The video is corrected, now. not all the sound is there, but the water sure is!

Hi there @wwwiebe these are all such amazing beautiful flowers, I love water lilies the best looks like a great day had with you son :)

Thank you very much! It was really fun and really low key. A good afternoon. :)

Wow,I love this flowers and the are actually on top of the water,nice post sir.

Thank you very much!