Draw This In Your Style Challenge : Zombie Princess

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Zombie Princess

Hello my creative friends,

This is another addition to the zombie characters that I had been creating lately. This is the fifth character that I made for this batch and I will be using it as a reference drawing for this round of Draw This In Your Style Challenge.

For now, I will call this original character as the Zombie Princess. After the four last characters I think it is nice to add variety to the batch hence a beautiful princess. I changed the usual orange hair color to golden yellow and added a few intricate details on her sleeves to differentiate her from the common characters. Previous ones are easier and quick to make but this princess character I had to put some thoughts and considerations. I would like to revise and improve all the characters I designed when I have the time. If you got some comments or suggestions about the characters and the DTIYS Challenge let me know in the comments below.

I am posting this in the Draw This In Your Style community so those who are interested to recreate the character will be able to do so and participate. Hope you like it and I can't wait to see your entries


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