I Am Alive Challenge: A Fresh Reason to Be Alive

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Today is my first time of engaging this community. I love the place because it gives us the opportunity to discover a all new reason why we are alive.

Hello everyone, it is the month of September and I am grateful to God for the new month. I have heard so much death from people around but I am most grateful to God that He kept me till today. I woke up this morning with so much energy and reasons to be alive.

Today i celebrated the birthday of my President Sir Iniobong Micheal. He happens to be my spiritual leader as far as leadership in FECA Nigeria is concerned.

He is a graduate of Human Anatomy from the University of Uyo and he is currently serving his mother land in Umahia a local government area of Abia State.

I love to celebrate people.

Everyday give me a new reason why i should embrace live with gratitude. Just today i discovered that i can be a major impact in someones life by adding smiles to their faces.


I got quite early to my friend barbing salon to have my hair cut as it was really growing wild and while i was there, i discovered a fresh purpose why am alive today and that is to help others make a better living.


As we live in this new month i ask that we allow love to lead us.


Welcome to the #iamalivechallenge :)


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@thisisawesome thanks for welcoming me i really appreciate your warm gesture.

Great to see you alive and well @eldecor, and very nice to hear that you want to help others, welcome to the #IAmAliveChallenge, stay safe, awesome and alive.

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Thank you very much @flaxz for your warm welcome. I hope that am alive community will support me in my quest to help other crate a livelihood for themselves.

Once again it is good to be here. I hope i will make the most of my engagement here.


In addition to sharing that you are alive that is actually one of the goals we have, and the I Am Alive ebook goes into more detail on how to make that happen.