I am alive challenge #84

Its a beautiful morning and glad to be alive to this beautiful day. I give thanks to God for each day of life and the people around me. #hiveisalive so also #iamalive.
This morning after coming from my grandma's house I move around the farm to see bananas and the tomatoes.





Also to see how I can utilize the land during forth coming dry season because I usually plant jute leave which is called in yorubaland a tribe in Nigeria ewedu. The reason I usually plant it is because it is usually scares during dry season and sell it off to make profit.
Join this @iamalivechallenge and always give thanks.

Thanks for checking my blog. Stay safe and healthy.

@femcy-willy cares

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It looks like very sandy soil. Do the tomatoes like that? I know that Bananas do...

@chocolatescorpi it is a mixture of sandy and loamy soil

Ah so good drainage and hold too. Sweet!

Hope you get some nice big fat, sweet juicy tomatoes and nanies too! 😃