Am alive challenge day 66 at a friends farm for supervisions

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Hello hivers and my fellow I'm Alive challenge community!Hope you all are having a great day? My day 66 I'm alive challenge is all about giving thanks to God and got myself occupied with a !IMG_20200901_175953.jpg
supervisory duty at a friend's farm this morning.Due to the heavy rainfall from yesterday,there were so many things to put in place.I had to check around the farm to ensure the pond is not floodedIMG_20200901_175742.jpg
,fed IMG_20200901_175732.jpg
the fish and worked on the outflow IMG_20200901_175750.jpg
and inflow of water so that the fish get fresh water. I also checked on the chicks IMG_20200901_171746.jpg
he just bought to see that they are doing fine and not affected by the weatherIMG_20200901_171756.jpg
.I kept their cage warmIMG_20200901_171819.jpg
. I'm grateful I'm alive,hail and hearty to achieve all theseIMG_20200812_133624.jpg
. Thanks for checking my blog.Stay safe,Stay Alive!


Hello @tobywalter
Well done.... you are doing a fantastic work...
Keep doing good work in personal as well as on hive....

Thanks so much for the support and the advice

how are you dear friend @tobywalter good afternoon
What a great job you have done, you are a good friend and an excellent supervisor, how many tasks you have to do there.
I appreciate very much that you showed us these beautiful photographs
have an excellent night

You are welcome dear friend and thank you for always being supportive I really appreciate

Its nice that you take care all the things and done your duty...

You are welcome dear friend

Well done. Take good rest after a hard day.
Take care and be safe

Tanks so. Much

Great pictures and must be realy busy day.

It was dear friend

Love those chickens.....

Maybe you can get for your self

My apartment dont so big..and rented


Which country are you from?


Good to no

Hope the weather is friendly over there

Are you with you together with your family

Great to see you alive and well @tobywalter, and thanks a lot for sharing how your friend is raising fish and chickens on his farm, and nice of you to help out, stay safe, awesome and alive.


Made in Canva

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Hmmmmm nice one