A morning walk in the animal park

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For today a morning walk in a small animal park, you can observe here depending on the season and with a little luck many animals between the areas.


Great feather splendor of the peacock, females are rather simple without decorative feathers.


The horns of red deer have pole antlers up to 16 and more ends.


Minpig are today popular animals in zoos, animal parks, in house and garden.


A view to the other side, since it is already allowed, only with the distance rules , maybe the children will play safely in the afternoon.



Thanks @tattoodjay for this excellent initativ, #wednesdaywalk
Thank you for coming by, have a Pleasant Day everyone !

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What a cool walk, been years since i have been to a zoo so thanks for taking me along with you

and thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks a lot!

This is a very nice and green park for animals! They live in natural surrounding!

Many thanks!

Have a nice cool day!