My Wednesday Walk via Horseback!

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We just got back from a great vacation in North Carolina. One of the activities we did was a horseback trail ride. My cutie was named Miley and we had a nice little ride together enjoying the mountain, river, and forest scenery.


The trail wound around on lots of steep hills and there were vertical drops to look down. You just had to put your faith in your horse's sure-footedness, lol.


I was at the rear of the line, with my husband @crypt-skip right in front of me. We had the perfect weather too, even though the weather called for rain, we made it through with plenty of sunshine.

I took a short video just to get the feel of the actual ride. I didn't realize how creaky my saddle was, lol.

The location of this ride in the Nantahala River area, where we spent four days. It rained quite a bit the first night we were there and made the hiking trails very muddy but we still managed to get in a few treks. Here's some of the white water close to our cabin.

There's not a lot of things that it makes sense to do right now with covid still so much in evidence. Outdoor activities are the best bet and that's our favorite type of activity anyway!


Looks very cool 😎 nice photography.

Thanks, it was certainly an enjoyable trip.

Hey... Look at you on that horse 😍 beautiful pictures and amazing envirement.
Wish I had a horse and a place to go for a ride 😉 nature is truly healing, but so are The animals ❤️

Thank you for sharing and for bringing smiles, loved it.
Much love 🤗❤️🤗

I just noticed that I look kinda mad, lol. Don't know why, except that I was sad that the ride had ended. Love nature and animals!

been years since i have been horse riding, thanks for taking us along with you on the ride ;) and thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Just had to share the ride and the scenery, even if I technically wasn't the one doing the walking, lol. I had my own horse as a teenager, I really miss the fun of a trail ride.

I am pretty easy going on the interpretation of what a walk is lOL

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Funny, I grew up barrel racing as a kid, and my horse riding ended because of a bareback trail-ride.

Our racing horses weren't used to trails and all the surprises nature can throw at you, so when a mass of birds decided to leave a tree at the same time, it startled our horse, which stood straight up.

I was riding on our horse with my stepsister, gently hanging on to her from behind. When the horse stood straight up, I rolled right off the back and landed sideways on my neck. I thought I was paralyzed for several minutes, but then decided to walk and take up rollerblading as a hobby.

My only problem was wrangler jeans didn't look good with rollerblades.