Wednesday Walk to Codnor Castle in Derbyshire, UK

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I've tried to find this castle once before and failed miserably. The track up to the castle is full of potholes so I decided to leave my car and walk the rest of the way. With hindsight, it wasn't as bad as what I thought, but I needed the exercise.

Codnor Castle is a ruined 13th century castle. After the Norman Conquest the land came under the jurisdiction of William Peverel. There's only a few remains left including the round towers.

The castle looks down on the Erewash valley, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. There are guided tours and renactments but because of the coronavirus, these have all been cancelled. The Heritage Trust have done a great job looking after the site.

There was the added bonus of seeing a derelict farm next to the castle. Looks like it used to be an old dairy farm.

It was an interesting walk and I came away feeling as I'd got two explores for the price of one!

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Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


Finding the grand old buildings, exploring life as it was teaches one quickly that people before us did not have it easy. Pity so many of the old structures are slowly falling into ruin over time. Thanks for taking us along on your Wednesday Walk @ellenripley

I thought the same when I saw the farmhouse. It's so sad it's just boarded up not doing anything.

Great place and beautiful photographs.

Thank you @borjan. 🙂

Very cool - I can not wait to be able to visit the UK and Ireland in the future to see these types of ancestry appears to come from Staffordshire and then over to Wexford. I'm making a list of things to see at some point - thanks for sharing these

My pleasure. I'm not too far from Staffordshire. I hope you are able to come over at some point.

Well worth the walk I love old places like this and loved this post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you. I was in geek heaven. 😀

Ohh I bet have a great day

wow @ellenripley - that was a great Wednesday walk! Thank you so much for the tour!
I too love to look around historical buildings, not that we got too many here in Australia- atleast ones that date back that far!

Do you have a lot of historical ruins and castles around where you live?

If so, I can't wait to see more!

Thank you so much for the tour today and I hope that you enjoy touring with me on my Wednesday Walk as much as I did with you! 😄

Thank you. Hopefully, more to come. 🙂

Hello dear friend @ellenripley good afternoon
What a beautiful place you have visited, I love places like this that houses a beautiful history, just thinking how many things have happened there, it fills me with joy to have been there
Thank you very much for showing us these beautiful photographs and the history that involves it.
have a splendid afternoon

Thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes places like this. 🙂