"Reborn" or Story #4. NFT Illustration + Story

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"Reborn" or Story #4
NFT. Digital painting. 5 editions.
Alejandra Her

"Reborn" or Story #4

Something in me is born with each mask and dies when I take it off.

The mask is nothing more than my birth. If I have to die, I will continue to be born, although my destiny is still death.

This is a short one! but I feel it was enought. The image itself is powerful. I love it.

How do you feel about it?

Tomorrow Ill be posting my Story #5, so, Stay tuned.
See you tomorrow!

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absolutely beautiful art, keep up the good work

Thank you!

It has a lot of variety in terms of objects and colors, how long did it take you to complete it? I guess to do the sketch was a bit fast, but to paint it is another level. A lot of patience.

La verdad es que hacer el sketch me toma mucho tiempo, pues estoy escribiendo una historia en mi mente, y cada cosa tiene sentido. Además hago lo posible por mantener ciertas reglas compositivas. Muchas veces el boceto no pasa la prueba, así que sabrás que tengo unos cuantos bocetos que quedaron por allí, descansando.

Espectacular .... hermosa obra

It's really beautiful, the face masks look great

Thanks Mary!