"This is not a dream" or "Story #3". NFT illustration + story

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"About the chaos" or "Story #3"
NFT. Digital painting. 5 editions.
Alejandra Her

"This is not a dream" or "Story #3"

"Una rana emergió del pecho desnudo y recién muerto
de mi abuelo, Don Calixto Varas."
José Watanabe

This day I was born or resurrected. I'm not really sure how or when it all started, but I know I've been at this for a while and I know I'll have to do it for a while longer.

I hear her voice in the distance, which is a snort, like a snake warning me; or like water falling from a stream. I am confused and it is not my fault, because here things have another name and another aspect.

No, this is not a fantasy; it is another reality or just a dream, or another life. Here, I will stay a while longer, contemplating you being born from the earth.

I was inspired by a poem by José Watanabe, and created my own universe around that phrase.

This is the 3rd Story of my collection, already sold out.
I'm really happy for all the love I have recieved by the crypto community with these artworks. Not only those who purchase my art, but with those who write a comment, who share a post o retweet a post. Thank you so much, everyone!!!

This is my second week as a full time cryptoartist and I have to admit that I couldn't be happier (professionally speaking). It's wonderfull to have the time to do what you love, and been economically rewarded for that.

Tomorrow I'll be posting Story # 4, so, stay tuned.

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Illustrations and review By ©Alejandra Her


I'm so happy for you Alejandra! Your work is beautiful and you have slowly grown, being able to do art as a full time job... What a dream come true! Congrats and keep it up!

I'm so happy! I feel I'm living my dream: I work doing what I love; I express myself through art and I spend more time with my family. Thank you for tour support since the begining.

That's so great, I am genuinely happy for you, you are living every artist's dream.

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This is a beautiful work of art. I love the harmony between the colors and the scene is full of dynamic and interesting elements. Congratulations.:)

Beautiful work Ale, your work has improved so fast and in such an amazing direction!

Thank you! I've learn so much and finally I'm doing it full time.

Me encantó la muelita...
Bellisima obra

Ooooh this looks pretty!! I love the poem too 👀 There are so many ways to interpret dreams and the one I like most is dreams being an alternate reality :> And your piece feels exactly like that ♥

Love this, awesome job 👍