The Art of Plating #2: A Piece of Choco Cake, H for HIVE [Step by Step Tutorial]

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It doesn't matter if you can only make simple cakes like oreo combined with milk which is then steamed or baked.


I will share a step by step tutorial on how to plating a simple cake that will look fancy as it is served from a restaurant.

Here I use oreo cake with only two ingredients namely oreo and milk. FULL RECIPE PLEASE READ HERE

Ingredients for plating:

  • A Piece of cake
  • Enough Chocolate powder
  • A leaf with an attractive shape
  • A white serving plate


How to Plating

  • Step 1
    Put a leaf that has a unique shape on a serving plate.


  • Step 2
    Sprinkle the cocoa powder in the area around the leaves using a tea filter or flour filter tool.



  • Step 3
    Carefully remove the leaves, then we will have a beautiful leaf pattern.


  • Step 4
    Carefully, place a piece of cake in an area that has been sprinkled with cocoa powder.




What do you think, not too difficult right?



What do you think about the creations that I made? Please provide your comments and suggestions.


Have a great day and stay safe!

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Ini keren sekali,Ide yang bagus.
Anda sampai memikir hal seperti ini.

Makasih kawan

Minta satu mbak kuenya.... hehehe

Udah habis nih eehehehe telat

Hehehe... besok simpan satu ya...?

Nice style

Thanks cutie 😊

Your leaf design is very attractive Anggrek. A lovely way to dress up a plate to put desert on.😊

And a simple way too because I can't draw in my plate like a pro chef 😬