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I started this work months ago and it was left there unfinished. My work tables are a mess because I am always doing various things. We have a studio, we made a large room for that purpose but over the years we have filled it with things: huge paintings, new racks, woods, paint jars, frames, folders with drawings, etc. And other things like tools, jars with seeds from previous years, food for cats and dogs, etc. The point is that in the gallery we have tables to draw and paint smaller works (that are already mine) and that's where I work and I have a great and beautiful disorder and with 3 or 4 or 5 works in proces and in full view. The few people who visit us have loved this painting and I have been forced to finish it. I don't know if it's but I can no longer continue with her, so after a few touches I've finish it.


As I always say, I will never draw with an idea, but portraits or characters always appear. I have a small mirror on my table so somtimes I use myself as a reference and these portraits always have some gesture of mine or something of me even if they are not self-portraits.




I love to see details of artwork, especially painting, so I thank the artists who share them. I really enjoy it very much!


A little about the process: Pictures taken with smartphone

I'm working on this painting that came out accidentally. I had a wood that I had painted water green, and I had put ink and alcohol on it. There it was for a while and I decided to paint it white, then I threw alcohol on it and the ink underneath came out, that can be seen in the first image. I started by drawing with a soft charcoal that I made and then painting with white, ink and watercolor pencils, as well as black pencil.






Mixed media on wood
Barbara Bezina ✋

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This looks so amazing.
I so love painting though I'm yet to know how to mix my acrylics

Thank you!

It's like real. There is depth in her gaze.


i like your choice of colors in this one very much... purple and pink on skin? that is bold.... Loved it.... amazing work...

Thank you 💜

I really like this artwork. It has great depth. The eyes are so real. Your choice of colors, really nice as well. This is a beautiful work. When I see fantastic artworks like this, it really excites me. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you 🥰

Crazy with the colors. I like it a lot!

Thank you 💕

I think I'm fascinated. excellent work congratulations

Thank you 💕