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Every year many of these flowers (Handroanthus albus) bloomed and were my favorites but they are sensitive to frost and we only have one left in a pot, which luckily is very good.
My works are always related to the things that surround me and my internal space mostly. The garden is the maximum that I go away to find inspiration or rather instruments and things, since inspiration is something that is always in the air.

A gif version of this flower.

Pollen h.gif

This work is available in Makersplace.

I made several works with this flower so beautiful and colorful! Here are two of them and I'm sure that some other I should have out there.

tajy sayju IIb.jpg

tajy sayju.jpg

I have uploaded some new works to nftshowroom so come take a look!

Bárbara Bezina ✋

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Thank you 💖

This is sooooooo cool and gorgeous! Can't stop looking at the GIF <3

Thank you 💕

Wonderful effect, @barbarabezina. Soft. Ethereal. Like butterfly kisses from a stranger.

Thank you @litguru!

Barby!! Que bello trabajo! 😘

Gracias Vivi! 😘

Oh so much color! Good job!


omg i iove this one!


I like the changing colors..nice


I like the changing colors..nice

Wow increiblemente atractivo nuy buen trabajo, gracias, te voto y te sigo.


l love red one.