The silence

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New gif in nftshowroom so come take a look!

As always for months working in digital arts, many gifs and illustrations more than anything, in addition to a bit of traditional painting and drawing, which always feels so good.

I love working with colors ♥

The silence h.gif

Digital art / Photomanipulation / Gif
1090 x 1250 px 9.97 MB
Edition of 5 copies - The first copies at a lower price

Here The silence

The original work with which I made the gif is many years old and was sold at the time but it is always a work that I see and enjoy again. I accidentally made this gif. It's something that always happens to me, I'm working with various things and looking for something then I find this work for example and open it in Photoshop to testing and it becomes a gif.

El silencio 2.jpg

El silencio.jpg

My @nftshowroom store!
I think it already looks great! I have a total of 4 gifs and 2 photomanipulations. They are all works that I really like and in which I worked to improve them.

Bárbara Bezina ✋

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Como siempre increíble tus trabajos 😘

Gracias Viviana! 😘💕