The sun wakes up in the purple

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This work I did little by little and with patience, stopping at every detail. From choosing the base photo to the textures. I really like photo manipulation because you can achieve pictorial, surreal, magical images and with that transmission of energy that photography has and that some digital techniques don't have. I like painting and digital illustration a lot but sometimes it lacks something that traditional painting and art photography do. So photo manipulation can have all of that.


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Digital art / Photomanipulation
Bárbara Bezina ✋

canva / facebook / blog / makersplace

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Imagination or dream with a base of real. I agree. The best of both worlds.
You do this very well!

Thank you 💕

Waooo ur creativity is powerful I love all u do pls keep it up, I can see how passionate u r about ur work keep it up the sky is ur limit

Thank you 💕

Beautiful! I love the whole atmosphere given by the color.

Gracias! Muy lindas tus obras!

This is nice!



Really nice work.

Thank you!

Hermoso! <3

Gracias 💜