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RE: A Father's Day Painting - Pennsylvania Fisherman - Happy Father's Day!!

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I like the painting, I think black and white were a good choice. The person looking, as you said, can fill in the colors, Fall, Spring, Summer or early Winter, fishermen don't care the season, they only time they stop fly fishing is when the river is iced over, then they hit the lakes and drill holes to fish.


So true! Do you fish? I bet there is a lot of ice fishing up your way, being it gets so stinkin cold. Thank you for the compliments!

I used to fish, Mostly lake fishing. I haven't gone in a long time. I did catch one time a long long time ago when I first got to Alaska, a 150 pound halibut. My arms were a lot younger then, and it really was like pulling an old barn door off the bottom of the ocean.

Oh WOW! 😲 That is huge! We have Flounder here in the Atlantic and maybe the largest I had caught was about 2-4 lbs. 150lb flat fish is insane. I am quite sure your comparison to a barn door is quite accurate.