A new sketch to Add to my current WIP Singularity piece

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Here is a sketched addition to my latest piece


Let's add a quick watercolour wash, shall we?


Now what could this little fellow be up to?

Ah yes we see he is at the feet of my current Singularity Lady.


Thanks to layers

I'm able to sketch out ideas, splash on a bit of colour and then slip the new idea over the background oil painting start of my current piece.

Per usual, I can't ever stop adding

and this lady, though I considered finishing her up as a single piece, will now have more in her story line.

For me this series has an almost novel or even comic book storyline

and I'm always playing out their odd fiction in my head and thus feel the need to 'write it down' if you will, but in images.

A sort of picture book of oil paintings

only loosely tied together.

I hope all are having a lovely Sunday wherever you may be.

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That's not a nice way to hobble a horse (even if it is a unicorn).

Amazing what a difference a bit of colour can make to a sketch.

Ah but there is a story to be told, lol

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