Pen Strokes #2; Timeless beauty- Artwork of an old African woman.

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Getting old is part of the human cycle. We can't avoid it. However, some people go the extra mile to look young and beautiful at old age. By extra mile, you know I'm talking about plastic surgeries.

I'm not a fan of such surgeries, but I don't despise people who do. They have their reasons. But then I wish people, especially Africans would appreciate their God given beauty even at old age. And I hope this artwork inspires you.


Here are my progress shots for this piece of art;






I created this piece with graphite and charcoal pencil on A4 sketch pad.

Please leave your honest review of this piece in the comments section.


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Thank you for the tip. I appreciate

Excellent work! The highlights are quite like those of a photograph, although I realize it's the part you didn't draw on that make that impression.

Of course, I've learned to appreciate this kind of beauty. It's also about accepting who and what we are.

Nice to spot that. Thank you very much.

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My honest review? You are a legend. I though it was a photo at first glance. How did you do it! Truly amazing! 💜

Wow! That's a huge compliment. Thank you so much.

Wow . This is awesome. Well done.

Thank you very much.

Old age is another phase in life that people should Learn to appreciate. Yes, you can't look the same way you were when you were young at old age..
I commend you for this work, it's great.

@ffebau what a lovely piece of art. I love it

Wow, this is so beautiful,you're really talented. I love the lines

I like it, people should celebrate the beauty of old age too. Plastic surgery is adding fakeness to something that should be left alone and natural.

What a great technique. Love it!

This is incredible... really great work!

This is very beautiful, well blended and detailed. Great piece.

Wow friend, this is tremendous work, it really is super difficult to reach that level that great that you handle it so easily. I have made realistic portraits but only one could do it well, and wow it does not reach this level. Crack successes