🎨 Artefact - original painting (early works)

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My first painting of the Artefact series.
I was so happy with this piece - It's one
of those paintings I wish I wouldn't have sold.

Artefact, 1995

Acrylic/oil on fiberboard
40 x 50 cm / 15.75 x 19.69 in

The nude was inspired by Jan Saudek's photograph Walkman.




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I loved the extraordinary sense of depth and distant details. fine workmanship and excellent technical achievement. I always appreciate it. I'm watching with admiration. congratulations Peter ...

Thank you!

You really know how to make a space in a painting look massive don't you :O

If you didn't sell the ones you really liked would you end up keeping too many? :)

Maybe, but most of all I'd have issues to pay my bills at times!

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beautiful artistic piece, Love the small details

Wow! If only all of your paintings could be a comic book serie, with such a unique style it would be a banger!

That looks amazing :D

This must've taken long hours or maybe days to finish. And the details are just...👌

Beautiful art