🎨 Dominium - original painting (early works)

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To be free of the word and not to give too much importance to it; to see that the word is not the thing and the thing is never the word; not to get caught in the overtones of the word and yet use words with care and understanding; to be sensitive to words and not to be weighed down by them; to break through the verbal barrier and to consider the fact; to avoid the poison of words and feel the beauty of them; to put away all identification with words and to examine them, for words are a trap and a snare. They are the symbols and not the real. The screen of words acts as a shelter for the lazy, the thoughtless and the deceiving mind. Slavery to words is the beginning of inaction which may appear to be action and a mind caught in symbols cannot go far. Every word, thought, shapes the mind and without understanding every thought, mind becomes a slave to words and sorrow begins. Conclusions and explanations do not end sorrow.

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti


Dominium, 1994

Collage/acrylic on fiberboard
100 x 50 cm / 39.37 x 19.69 in

The first version of this motif was --> Town III (Cell) from 1991.







how are you Peter, your every new creation continues to fascinate me. and I see you on the opposite wall. is it correct? And I wonder if your daughter continues to draw?

Thank you @hairofmedusa! Yes, it's me in the rasterized image. Both my daughters are drawing, my younger (@riverblue) has some of the works here on hive.

I convey my love to your wonderful children. :) I hope my daughter will be a good painter in the future too🥰

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Thanks again Otto!

Another fantastic piece, thanks for sharing that with us!

Thanks Jules!

The random furniture and sinks throughout these pieces is interesting, is there a story behind it? Did you explain previously in a post I missed? :D

I don't really have any story to tell regarding most of my paintings. I'm looking for spaces "beyond language".

Wow. Beautiful details in the painting, what caught my attention the most is the perspective. I can feel like there's many layers of details in the back

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Thank you!

amazing, it looks so real!