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"A zen garden with a view on the Inner and the Outer worlds"

This piece is available on NFT Showroom as part of my collection Inner Thoughts. It comes with the following exclusive reworked 1920x1080 version of the scene.

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Inner Thoughts: Contemplation



You can find my entire gallery here

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I played around with the ground for a while, and opted for some sort of gravel material with a bit of displacement. Then I modeled 5 different lumps of grass (nothing magical here) and some glowing plants, and created a couple particle system. One for the floor, and a few for the trunk and the rocks, to setup the glowing plants. I used weight paint and density delimitation to restrict my particles to the desire areas. Then I modeled some mushrooms, textured them, and that was honestly the most fun part of it all! I've found a new passion, making and texturing crazy mushrooms!

A Garden ao.png

A Garden Bonus ao.png

Then I started playing around with Blender 2.9's brand new sky texture for the world settings, and my oh my it is good! If you haven't tried it yet, go for it, the 3 different settings of it are great for different reasons! I added a sun, some colour to it, and a bit of volume to bring the scene to life and voila! Oh and some fireflies at the end, as particles emitted by a plane that I setup above the scene, just had to find the right frame where I was satisfied with the amount and the position of the fireflies!

A Garden mist.png


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