Hydnellum Peckii - Collectibe tokenized on NFT Showroom

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bloody compo 3.png

Hydnellum Peckii, one of the gore most macabre mushroom out there.
It's even more creepy when you find it in the wilderness.

Mushroom n°8 of the collection, available on NFT Showroom.


Get it uncompressed here!

bloody nft.png



I guess the only thing that's useful to say is that I used metaballs for the particle system, so they would melt into each other when in contact, and that theres a TON of gradient texture to separate the different part of the mushrooms, both on displacement and on the surface texture.

bloody ao.png

I added a teeny tiny bit of volume, just because meh why not, and a bunch of random stuff around to make it look like I worked on the scene as much as on the mushroom (but not really).

bloody mist.png


Thanks for supporting art on PeakD/Hive/NFT Showroom!


!discovery 30

Cool work although it looks very hot :)

Is the neon strip above the mushroom put there with any purpose?

@tipu curate

I guess so, to make it look purplish on the top? I use the same at home for display

Although it could have been a little higher..

That was my dilemma, yes.

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I was just about to ask if you used metaballs, Thanks for sharing your process, if you keep doing it i may be sharing your post in my telegram channel in the end :)
Lots of hivers there btw