I Did Mushrooms - Tokenized little mushroom on NFT Showroom

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mushie 2.png

I did mushrooms. And it's available as a small token on NFT Showroom, I'm gonna start making a ton of them as one big collection with 10 editions of each!



mushie nft.png


I modeled the mushies on Blender 2.9, and played around with particles and forces, then rendered the whole thing at very low sample count through a denoiser for the texture effect on the spores!

The ground is a muddy displacement map, so it was procedurally made and not modeled!

mushie clay.png

Hope you enjoy it, it's nothing crazy but it's the beginning of a HUGE mushroom collection I think hehe, they are fun to model and to texture, since there are SO MANY of them! Plus I can create my own kind, so that's also dope!


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Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to create some content to fit the theme :D

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Thanks :D

cool :)

This is so beautiful and magic. I can't wait to see the rest of the collection.