Psilocybin Fairy Mushroom - Collectible Tokenized on NFT Showroom

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psycho compo 2.png

Would you eat that thing?

This mushroom is a collectible available on NFT Showroom as part of my expanding mushroom collection!


See it full size and uncompressed here!

psycho nft.png



So basically, I found these cool pictures of trippy fairy looking mushrooms, and decided that IT HAD TO BE DONE IN 3D! I started by modelling the body, then the tiny blue shrooms, then the scoop-looking ones, and finally the hat.

psycho ao.png

Then I spent a few hours working on the texturing, figuring out different gradients for the scoops and the hat, different layer weight values and IOR for the blue ones, technical stuff technical stuff technical stuff technical stuff.. It's all entirely procedural and made with love, so I might either reuse those cool textures, or upload them somewhere online for people to play around with.

psycho mist.png

Then I basically just added four cubes and a plane, made a window, made it look rainy, added an image from behind, bit of volume for the rain fog, put a cactus and the mess around and yadeedone!

Super fun to do!


Thanks for supporting art on Hive/PeakD/NFT Showroom, thanks to you people like me can sell mushrooms in a more legally convenient way!


I wouldnt eat it cuz it's waaay too beautiful and special :D!

@tipu curate

Although I can't say that I would eat it, it certainly is very Vivid and beautiful. Nice art.

Who knows what might happen if you did! Thanks so much :)

the modeling job must be quite difficult. I'm eager for that. but I don't know where and how to start. congratulations. looks great. and good luck in the sale to you :)

Thanks :D Once you have the basics down, its not that hard, its just basic shape that you deform and extend.. The hardest part is to keep the topology simple enough for your computer not to explode!