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speedermist co;posite compressed peakd.png


This piece is available on NFT Showroom as part of my collection Myths & Legends. It is a unique edition and comes with an exclusive rework of the design, more fitting for a desktop wallpaper.

speeder bonus compo compressed.png


Myths & Legends: Stranded

speeder nft.png


You can find my entire gallery here

speeder gallery.png



I started building the ground on Blender 2.9, using a displace modifier and a cloud texture. Textured into some kind of dirt/gravel/snow thingy, I wasn't sure what to go for.

Then I started modeling the ship, from a cube. I gave it its basing shape, a land speeder kinda thing, and then started modeling the hardsufarce mecha parts on the side. I then used modifiers and arrays to place them upon the ship, making it look more detailed without adding a ton of topology.

speeder ao.png

Then I added the sky, going for a dirty sandy browny kinda planet vibe, after sunset, and added some volume. With the scene in mind, I started shading the ship and its different parts.

I added the Vanguard character from Mixamo, some more volume, and voila.



Thanks for supporting art on PeakD/Hive/NFT Showroom, you make our artists dreams come true!



reminds me of a nice work about mechanic repairer by moeabius, definitely worth a vote, ho i can bring some more community members in it, i am creating bit by bit a cyberpunk commmunity here on hive, pinned on my blender work.
Hope i'll be seeing you there more ofte, just use the #nestedneons tag!!

Yeaaaah cyberpunk here we come!

Nice, good luck with it:)

Thanks :D

cool piece i can see you can add many details to that image, CG elements scattered around and nice dramatic lighting will give it amazing feeling

I usually do, but wanted to keep this one minimalist :) a ship and a dude!

yea i see, sometimes keeping it simple just perfect !

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Thank you :)

Great post