A Moment More - first painting for 2021

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This is the first painting off the easel for 2021. It is a collaboration with Kathrina that was started some years ago, but had languished in a corner of the studio. I guess one of my new year's resolutions is to finish the growing number of unfinished works.

I believe it might even be my first still life painting.

"A Moment More", 40 x 30cm, oil on canvas





The title, "A Moment More" is a play upon the term memento mori, which is applied to a tradition of artworks which are a symbolic reminder of death.

It seemed to be the solution to the skull which Kathrina had originally painted. I figured that since there is a long tradition of such paintings, it would be a fitting theme.

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Simply awesome. It must be a good feeling to be finishing some works that we’re left without a conclusion.
I’m the same with my video work; lots left to do on so much, it can be quite a consuming feeling

Cheers Ash! The work of a creative is never done. Ah, videos, I have pile of those to finish off also. I need to clone myself.

My solution is to give the newer works a slightly lower priority for a while. The fact that paintings need to sit and dry a bit between layers gives me a bit of breathing space to tackle some of the other things.

Ah yes. That’s a healthy approach to slow down newest works.
Out of curiosity what sort of videos have you been working on?

Most of my video projects document my painting process so I have content for YouTube. I'm now trying to edit together videos that I can use as online lessons. It's a matter of streamlining the video production process.

As you would know, it is easy to shoot footage, but previewing and editing it is where the time disappears.

I also have a couple of creative video projects which use some of my artwork, animating them. To that end I have spent a good deal of time this year attempting to come to grips with Blender.

My YouTube channel:


I see! Yes indeed, the real work and time is spent in the edit process. It can feel never ending!

Fantastic you’ve got more creative video productions on go stemming from your canvas creations.

I’ll check out your YouTube for sure

I see you do a bit of work with bands.

Yes indeed, I’ve done many years working with bands. Less these days, I tend to be more choose with what projects I get involved with.
It’s it’s still a buzz to make something that people respond to.

My dream is to make a short film. For me that’s the ultimate craft for film/video, to tell a story and relay emotions in a way that I’ve been to scared to do before.
So I’m determined to make something meaningful.

The work with bands has equipped me with a visual language and style that I’m going to take in to the narrative world.

I know, I worked with bands myself for a number of years. It's fun, creative, but rarely pays well, because the bands themselves are making next to swot.

Mind you, a friend of mind did hit it big time. He ended up working with Powder Finger. Although that still did not make him a rich man. He still had to do the usual bog standard video work for most of his work.

So have you started planning or scripting your short film?

I was going to say you'll never be bored if you're both making new things and finishing old things, but from memory you're usually pretty busy all the time anyway xD

But the good thing about you finishing old things is that we get to see them XP

I'm never bored. Yes, I keep the art factory running. 😀

I have to finish the old things (or overpaint them) because they take up space in my small studio. I purposely leave them out where I can see them, so that they aren't forgotten and piling up in some corner of the studio. I hate seeing canvases go to waste.

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