Autumn Colours

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The weather certainly might be cold, but that hasn't stopped me from heading outdoors with the easel to catch the last of the Autumn colours. A short train ride outside of Vienna alongside the Danube is the tiny village of Greifenstein, named after the castle that has looked over it for nearly a millennia. When I arrived, I went scouting for a position to overlook it. What view it was! Not only did I have a view of the castle but the Danube stretching off into the distance as well. Since the days are much shorter and the fog started closing in, after a few short hours I had an amazing light show before me. This is what I have attempted to render in this painting.

"Castle Greifenstein", Leo Plaw, 30 x 21cm, oil on canvas board

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@tipu curate

Thank you!

Spectacular viewpoint you picked :) Though how long did you have with that lighting before it got too dark?

I arrived rather late, so, 1 -1:30pm-ish, by 3pm it started to darken, and the fog came in, by 3:30pm it started getting interesting, then rapidly changing after 4pm until dark by 5pm. So in the end I gave up painting and took many reference photos. I'm not as fast as John Singer Sargent... yet.

austria can be so beautiful! :)

Indeed it can!