On the Edge - graphite drawing

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I've been pushing pencils again. Sometimes I wonder how many pencil strokes are in a drawing like this. Drawing is proof that many smalls steps can add up to a greater whole.

"On The Edge (Figure 55 - Drawing)", Leo Plaw, 21 x 30cm, graphite pencil on paper



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LOVE IT!!!!!! Really good artwork😍

Thank you Caroline!

as always, very successful drawing, .and great lines. congratulations my dear friend.

Thank you!

One of the bigger April Fool jokes that dA played was saying they had developed a "stroke counter" which counted how many strokes you were doing when drawing, and even had recommendations for how many strokes per day you should be doing to make sure you were keeping in practice with art or something to that effect. I guess at times like this it's kind of unfortunate such a product doesn't exist (yet?) xD

There's an app for everything. Strap your phone to your arm and the gyros could count the movement.

dA, sounds like they were busy stroking something. ;-)