Relaxing Outdoors Summer

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With Summer here, the desire to escape the city only increases when I have two building sites, one either side of the building I live in. So I packed my bags, brushes, paints and pencils and headed out to the country in the foothills of the mountains. Here I can enjoy the Summer, get outdoors and still get some work done.

The drawing I think is appropriate for my time relaxing outdoors.

"Figure 55 - Drawing", Leo Plaw, 30 x 21cm, graphite pencil on paper

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Love your style:)

Wow ... she’s twisty.

I like interesting poses to draw.

If the picture is for sale, then I would buy it.

Hi @travelssteem! Yes the drawing is for sale, €110, free shippng / delivery.

I also accept payment in crypto.

Email me: info [@] leoplaw [.] com

Seriously, the drawing is very good. You're very good, man. But just kidding, I couldn't help but post this image xd:


Thank you Elieser! 😀

Is this guy from Stargate or the Mummy? He looks familiar. I might use his face for one my daily sketch practices. Thanks!


Thank you Alexa!


This is really nice

Thank you!

@tipu curate

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Thank you!

That's one of my stretchies when I get up in the morning XD

I'm not so curvy though, wouldn't mind looking that good XD

Are thos etrees in the background or the city you were escaping from? :)

Stretches are a good thing. I should be doing more of it myself.

Trees and some sort of building.

Gran manejo de sombras

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Have you cleared your browser cache?

Otherwise, tell me what browser, OS you are using. From your profile name, I guess you are in Russia. I can see if I can test for that.

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