Under Control

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I had this one finished around Christmas, but I've been keeping it under wraps until now. He's been sweating it out, waiting to be set free.

Here's a couple of detail shots.



"Under Control", Leo Plaw, 40 x 30cm, oil on canvas

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Wow, it's fantastic! Really really impressive that detail of the eye!

Thank you Silvia!

Love it Leo! So strong. reposted
Happy new year xx

Thank you Liba!

All the best to you, Pascal and the boys for 2021! 😀

S'alright dude you should be able to wriggle free with a bit of effort. Unless you're enjoying yourself ;D

I'm a bit concerned about how they're breathing O_O

Do yo have cooldown periods before you post/display paintings or did you hold off this one for other reasons? :)

Yer, there are few people these who are concerned about how they're breathing.

I held this one back simply because

a) it took me ages to get out of those ropes

b) I was enjoying those ropes =)

c) it would be lost amongst all of the Christmas and New Years posts, and simply not work with the festive season.

d) all of the above

Oh good point. When people are posting festive things at festive times I"m like oh yeh but if someone posts something that isn't festive I don't actually notice any difference ^_^;

But probably a good idea to avoid the flood of festive posts :D

Well, festive season, so people only want cheery things, especially after the year we've just had. But now, it's back to business... if you still have one that is. I think this year is when we will see the real struggle begin.

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