Value What You Have

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Last week I posted the beginnings of this painting. Here now is the finished artwork.

"Value What You Have", 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas

Following are some of the development shots of it, from the drawing through to some of the major steps in oils.





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I remember the drawing of this one but not the work in progress but I do miss things occasionally ^_^; it came out great!

I don't think you do anything that doesn't come out great

He he... the ones that don't come out great I don't show. ;-)

A likely story ;D


Very good coloring and shading in this painting. You have a nice touch and the skin tone is perfect :)

Thank you!

I love all your work, It's outstanding.
This painting is just beautiful and subtle.

Thank you very much!


The work of the shadows and lights are brutal 🤩 I have always had that problem, but I will practice and in it 🤭✍🏻

I also used to struggle with the lights and darks, a.k.a. values. Ignore colour for now. Colour comes last. Practice with drawing, as it is the foundation which will teach you the control of your values (light vs dark). You have to train your eye to see the overall image and not be lost in the details of either light or dark.

  • The darkest lights, should never be darker than the lightest darks.
  • Squint or if you wear glasses, take them off, to see the overall division of light and dark.
  • With the drawing (or painting) start with an initial value statement - start the image with only a binary representation of light and dark, no shading in the lights or darks, leave the lights white and fill all of the darks in as one unified block of a middle shade.
  • Starting from the middle shade work out (build up) to your lightest light and darkest dark.
  • ...and like you said, practice, practice, practice... you'll get there.

Wow, thanks for those tips ... believe me that soon I will start practicing illustration from grayscale so that I can train the eye better. I have always found this technique curious and it intrigues me so much that I want to practice it, thank you!

You're welcome @gatolector.
How are you going with the practice?

Awesome artwork piece

Thank you!

Hey @leoplaw.
Great painting, the context you have given it speaks for itself.

Thank you Francis. I'm glad somebody understood the context.

It's a beautiful painting and I love the title "Value What you Have". The message is filled with truth and love. One person's life is more precious than anything.

Thank you. Happy to hear you liked it.

Wow even the sketch is absolutely amazingly done! Great end result

Thank you Douglas!

Wow. this is vibrant!

tweet tweet

chirp chirp thank you chirp chirp for the tweet tweet! 😀

Wonderful painting! I just discovered your profile and loved also your sketches, so you have one more follower 😊

Thank you very much. Glad to have you onboard. 😀

I've been following you for a while now. Your regular sketches are one of the inspirations for my own (attempted) quick daily sketch.

Really life-like, amazing piece my friend:)

Thank you Edgar!

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