First portrait done || I wasn't going for weird but this turned out weird

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In my previous post i shared five sketches and i said i would do five more of them and then i would start to shade them. I finished that. I drew five more heads but i feel that its unnecessary to post them because as soon as i finish coloring them, you will see....

I have to say that this one turned out very weird..... First of all i changed the color palette way too much and then it short of made the face look a little feminine i guess?

Watch the original person along with some other portraits that i will be painting in the future Here

You can watch all the first five sketches in my previous post....

Let me know your thoughts in the comments....

Here are some process shots:

Screenshot 2159.png

Screenshot 2160.png

Screenshot 2161.png
Screenshot 2162.png

Screenshot 2163.png
Screenshot 2164.png

Screenshot 2165.png
Screenshot 2166.png



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Cool style :) @tipu curate 2

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thank you @cardboard for curating

A bit weird.. But still nice one. As portrait art is really tough, and you doing really well :)

Thank you.... 😊