🔥 Demon Monster ☠️ DTIYS challenge 🎨

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Hey guys!
I painted this thing last weekend, it's a Draw this in your style of a @dibujantenorcturno character/monster. It was quite fun to do, I took the opportunity to practice a bit the lighting on my digital drawings using colours instead of just plain shadowing with grey 😉, btw thanks to @juanscoo for challenging me to make this, I really enjoyed it.

Technical Info:
Digital Artwork
Done with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and Wacom Bamboo tablet
Size is 1500x1500px at 300dpi

Dibujantenocturno's Post on IG

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Creation Process GIF

Final Art

Click to see in full size

Creative Commons
- @melooo182


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maaan, that looks so cool!

Thank you!!! 😁😁😁

I thought the pose seems a bit awkward even for a demon monster thing. But then I imagined it as a random pause in an animation and changed my mind, it's perfect XD

Hahahha that might be because I didn't use any reference 😅😅😅
but yeah the monster might be inbetween some action dunno, lighting flame from his fingers to get ready to throw fireballs or whatever :P

Es increíble!!! el original esta super, la textura los colores pero el tuyo esta completo y esta muy bien.

Me encanta!!! <3 <3 <3

Graciaaaaas! <3

I dig his stuff and saw this challenge, just haven’t made time to try it myself... I’ll have to redouble my efforts!

💪💪💪 yeah you should definitively do it! the prize is also very attractive

BUENAAA! Te quedo de puta madre! Tiene un acabado de digital watercolor, que brush usastes?

Jajajaja gracias!!
No sabría decir, fue una mezcla de varias brochas estandares con otras descargadas a lo largo de los años

Esta genial este fanart de un demonio, le diste mucha personalidad en su postura, parece sacado del videojuego DOOM lo que mas me gusto es la textura de toda su piel