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Good morning! Hmmm.. Today, August 5th, we got a bit weird celebration because unlike the usual food and other common things and events celebrated, we celebrate today the NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY. You read it right!

I don't know how people celebrate this day. Do they take photos of their underwear and post it online? Do they go out in pubic with just their underwear? Lol. But I guess I am right with my guesses as it is written on Days of the Year. It was also mentioned that the underwear day was created to promote acceptance of one's body image. That's right! It is nice to have a toned body but you shouldn't feel less or sad if we don't have such body shape. As long as you're healthy and comfortable with your body then you're good. It's only the society putting up the body standards, that if you don't look like what is perceived perfect then you're ugly and have a problem that needs to be addressed. Never conform to something just because majority agrees with it. Love your flawed body. It's perfect. :)

Now we go to my drawing!


You can see right here a guy wearing a bra even on his head. This is a fan art of Ryota Kohama, the bassist of the Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK. When they do a live performance, especially in U.S. and European countries, they would usually receive bras from fan girls after performance. Lol. And these bras aren't simply handed to them, the ladies throw it to them or on the stage. (I don't get these ladies giving them underwear! They're crazy! Hahaha! And I wonder why these practice seems normal on rock concerts.) In return, they wear the bras as a way of appreciation for the fans. One that usually wears them is Ryota, because as he said on one interview, he loves women. Lol. Crazy Ryota!

However, this throwing of underwear is only accepted by the band on their international or small shows. One fan threw a bra to the vocalist at their big concert in Japan and the vocalist threw it back to her while saying, "What's this?" It's probably because Japanese audience are more sensitive and this act is considered inappropriate or maybe it's just a rule imposed by their management.



  • "Ossu!" is a greating which usually means "Hi" or "Yo!". It can also be a short way to say "Ohayo gozaimasu" (Good morning).

- Medium: Wacom Intuos Comic
- Program: Clip Studio Paint
- Gif made on Photoshop CS6

Here's a ONE OK ROCK video in case you haven't heard of them yet! :)


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Do they take photos of their underwear and post it online?

Haha :D I am tempted to open FB and check that out!

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