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Good morning! It's still August 3rd on some parts of the world, so I could squeeze in another watermelon fan art for Watermelon Day! This time, I made a comic art with the group BABYMETAL.



Apparently, watermelon whacking is a traditional game in Japan. They call it, "Suikawari". (Suika means watermelon.) The game is often played at the beach where the watermelon is placed on top of a cardboard and will be hit by the player while blindfolded. The player will have to spin a few times before smashing the fruit using a stick. When the watermelon is cracked open, the pieces are distributed and eaten by the participants.

I have seen this activity before on one of the cast of a musical I was following but I mostly see suikawari on anime and manga.

Kazuko from Japan


Now, as I have said in the title, this is a BABYMETAL comic art.

BABYMETAL is a kawaii/metal/idol group from Japan, composed of two members, Su-metal (vocals) and Moa-metal (scream and dance). They used to be three girls but Yui-metal left the group in 2018. BABYMETAL is backed by musicians called Kami Band.

BABYMETAL began in 2010 and is a sub unit of group Sakura Gakuin under Amuse Inc. The group is popular in Japan and is also making noise in the international metal music scene. Their unique take on metal music never fails to capture people's attention, either in a positive or negative way.


  • The man being painted on the face is BOH, a member of Kami Band, BABBYMETAL's bassist. One physical appearance that makes BOH easily remebered is his bald head.


  • On the next page, you can see the suspects on painting BOH's head, Hideki (left) and Ohmura (right). Hideki is the drummer and Ohmura is the guitarist. You can see they put two real watermelons near BOH to camouflage their friend. LOL.

  • The members of Kami band wear a white gown and paint their faces in colors white and black. In my comic, I didn't paint their faces white because the skin color is already light. (Okay, I just really forgot it, to be honest! LOL!)


  • On the third page, you can see the girls have spotted watermelons to whack, where BOH is resting, unfortunately. The girl carrying a bat/stick on her shoulders while blindfolded is Su-metal, the girl holding her back is Yui-metal, and the girl pointing on the watermelons is Moa-metal.


  • Then on the last page, is BOH finally waking up surprised and shocked of the incoming danger that's about to hit him.

  • On the upper right corner is Yui-metal and Moa-metal cheering for Su-metal. "がんばれ" (Ganbare) means good luck or do your best.





    • I don't have much to say about the drawing process since the steps I used was only simple, I didn't put any shadow or anything. So here's the draft of my comic instead.


    ♥ Medium: Wacom Intuos Comic

    ♥ Programs: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop CS6

    That's all for my watermelon whacking comic art with BABYMETAL! Here is a video of BABYMETAL in case you haven't seen them. :)


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What a funny watermelon man

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a really intresting and funny game, with a very impressive art.

Well done

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It's so cute and cool man😎