[Break Time ART] Meet the Ero-sennin, JIRAIYA-sensei!!!

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Recently, I've been sketching random things during my break time, but today I wanted to make something a bit special.

One of my cousins has been crazy about Naruto lately and it just feels so nostalgic listening to her excitement, or reading her posts about it.

Because of that, I decided to draw my own version of my favorite character, Jiraiya. 🥰 Well, he's a pervert but he has the biggest heart and I really like him! Originally, Jiraiya is kind of old, yet manly. In my version though, I made him into a younger and more "ikemen"-like character. ☺


I'm going to show two versions of the same drawing, although there is only one result. I made this during my break time, so I decided to just use my watercolor pencils instead of acrylic or poster paints. This way, I can leave the artwork and resume making during my next break time.

Let me share now some process pictures.


Prep time... I still decided to put around tapes, just in case. lol


Using a pencil, I roughly sketched the main subject. Then, I started coloring using the watercolor pencils.








And so, the colorpencil version is done. ☺ While I was making this, I thought Jiraiya is really handsome... lol

Since the first version is done, it's time to transform it into a watercolor art. I took out my paintbrush and started blending the colors.


After that, I took a white ink pen and put some tiny highlights...



And there you have it! The watercolor version! It was fun to draw during my break time! :) I want to do this again, but I also have to catch up with anime and manga... so let's arrange the schedule. lol

I'll end here for now. My next class is about to start! See you around🥰🥰🥰


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