[BREAK TIME from WORK] A Quick Sketch Of These Three Adorable Characters :) + One Line Poetry Calligraphy <3

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Last week, we didn't have good Internet connection due to some maintenance, so I couldn't work for about five days. Because of that, I have to work this weekend in order to make up for the lost time.

I don't usually work on weekend, especially on Sundays, because our neighbors are really noisy. They sing karaoke at home and they drink, so it's expected to have a chaotic environment on these days. Knowing this fact, I just opened classes tonight.

I took a 30-minute break when I saw my sketchpad on my bed. So, I grabbed it and decided to playfully sketch these characters from the manga, AO ASHI.


Aren't they cute? These three are soccer players. Tachibana plays forward, Ashito is a fullback DF and Otomo is a midfielder. I love these three, but I really like Otomo because of the gap in his personality inside and outside the game. :)

Since it's just a quick sketch and I really didn't plan to make a post on it at first, I couldn't take a lot of pictures of the process. Sorry




As you see, I sketched them using a pencil at first... then later on did the lineart using a 0.6 Uni pen. :)

This is just one of the few things I do during my break from work. If not this, I either watch anime/YouTube videos, listen to music, play a mobile game, read manga or go out for a bit to stretch and exercise.

Well, I also write poetry pieces, be it long or short ones, depending on my mood. In the past days, I also created a couple one-line poetry pieces, well more like a saying. haha

I usually just share these on my Instagram account, but allow me to show them here, too. ^^


In this world full of WHAT IF(s)... You are the only WHY NOT!

Sometimes, we tend to have a lot of what ifs in life... we tend to be scared to do things because we always think of the consequences. We are likely to overthink and end up not doing it.

However, I believe that sometimes we also have to take a risk. So, instead of constantly saying "what if?", why don't we say "Why not!" for a change? haha


It's difficult to trust people, especially if they have already broken their promise in the past. It's like a crumpled paper... it's not really broken, but you can no longer put it back to the way it used to.

Sometimes, a person tries to get away with their faults by using flowery words... and the person being addressed to usually gives in.

Of course, I believe in second chances... but not more than that! lol It's the hard truth, I guess. :)

So, yeah... these are some of the things I do during my break time. :) I want to take a day off soon so I could paint again, though. ^^ See you around!!!


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