🔥Hello friends!! I bring a new finished commission! a fire girl 🔥

in OnChainArt5 months ago (edited)

💎 program used: FireALpaca



💟Well, I'm playing dungeons and dragons with my friends through a platform called Roll20 🐙

nuevo dibujo.jpg


It has been a lot of fun during this quarantine playing D&D

and I have really enjoyed the sessions, and nothing makes my imagination fly more than creating a character to play.

nuevo dibujo2.jpg

So, I put my hands to work and unleash the imagination


nuevo dibujo3.jpg

🍃 To shape the hair just use the round tip pencil brush and scratch the entire area of ​​the hair without following any shape and then I was erasing giving it the shape I wanted

nuevo dibujo4.jpg


initially it is a girl candle ... but the wax of the candle I wanted it to look a bit like lava, so here you can see my fight, that it looked like lava and not like honey ... it is really difficult and I think I did it fairly


I added the yellow lines


and this is how it would look without the lines



nuevo dibujo6.jpg

nuevo dibujo7.jpg

nuevo dibujo8.jpg

nuevo dibujo9.jpg

nuevo dibujo10.jpg

nuevo dibujo11.jpg

that's it for now, now it's time to sleep

bye bye~



you can found me here in my fivver and ask for comissions https://es.fiverr.com/hyofujikami/llustrations-of-any-kind

and help me in my patreon if u want ;w; https://www.patreon.com/thisnewgirl
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ayyyyy ;;; U ;;;
thank you very much
it's nice to be noticed <3

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Oh D&D sounds super interesting! I want to play it but have absolutely no idea what to do....or where to even start. Also is fire girl part of D&D or is she just some random commission?

oh oh !

well D&D has its thing.

To play you need a group of at least 3 people who know about the game rule


a dungeon master who is going to lead the game.

In addition to that you must create a character sheet.

But don't worry, you can get information online. D&D has been in existence for years.*