My 1st painting ever - Hypnotized

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Yo artists!

Yesterday, I downloaded Adobe Fresco for free and chalenged myself to create a painting.

After trying it out, I must say I am very much satisified. It has a lot of features which can be edited the way you want it. You can draw, paint with oil or watercolors,... It really is a great app and it is free now so go and check it out while you can.

I had a bit of a rough start because it was my first time painting. But, after realizing that patience and slow painting is what I need to go with, I managed to start painting the way I want (read: can).

Not that I had a big idea what to paint, but I sketched a bit weird looking face and decided to paint it.

After a couple of hours, this is what I came up with:


Personally, I am more than satisfed how it looks like and I can say I tried my best.

I know there are a lot of areas that could look better, but I learned where I made a mistake so it will get better with time.

Unfortunatelly, Adobe Fresco still doesn't support AMD graphics card so I can't paint while my sister is using her laptop.

But, when she comes home, you know where you can find me and what I will be doing. Hihi :)

On to the new art piece!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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Disiz not a chjoke!


So Proud of you!!

Thabk you snookyyy. I was so happy when I finished it. :))

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