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Greetings community anime lovers of @the anime realm, I introduce myself my name is adrian but they know me as damocles, I am a lawyer and professional illustrator, this is my first post in this community but I have almost a month publishing by HIVE / PEAKD

today I bring a post that you will surely like, who does not love knights of the zodiac / saint seiya? a classic of classics that marked more than one childhood, among those I include myself


This post deals more exactly with the skin contest for the android / ios game se saint seiya awakening, said contest my cousin @andielor told me and I got down to work, the winner of the vote was kanon de geminis and the theme it must have been futuristic
Between several characters won kanos here that it was time to start building the skin


For this I took several elements that are: mad max, the divergent saga, terminator and the pre world war I era, In the suit take elements of the European suits, Austrian Germans as an example, they are not exactly the same but take certain things from them, the clone is based on the terminator which in the story created for this skin with my cousin @andielor itself he is a clone if not a robot soldier of the kanon army

I also took elements of madmax regarding the history of the dystopian and divergent future, we took the history of the factions but taking it to 12 factions by the 12 signs of the zodiac, each one with its history


We built this character or rather skin for the character very well and we were very satisfied, I created the skin completely from 0 and together with my cousin we created the story

Sin título.png

Unfortunately like any contest we are not among those chosen and it is also unfortunate that this contest is full of too many plagiarisms but at least we participated and did a good job in honor of that anime that marked the time of many children


I hope you like it and if you want to post my post on my profile, I do all kinds of illustrations and soon I will publish more in this good anime community