Japan sinks in Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

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Nihon Chibotsu 2020, current-day apocalypse

Do you know what it is like to experience a strong earthquake all of a sudden during your everyday life? You will be horrifyingly mesmerized if you follow the life of an ordinary family in Japan. They struggle for safety as the world quite literally breaks around them.

This is not just a slice of life and drama anime. It's an incredibly realistic scenario based on today's science. It pushes the possibility of japan sinking due to Japan's tectonic plate moving from "eventually" to "right now". In the anime's story, it isn't "going to happen in a while" or "it has just happened". It is the ongoing event from start to finish.

While the Japanese government is far too hindered to be useful and the rest of the world pretty much doesn't do anything except being active in social media, strong earthquakes keep happening now and them. Some lives might be saved, but most won't. It is a very, very honest show.

But it is certainly not just about the calamity itself. It is also all about the people. The not-too-charismatic (aka very normal) protagonists run into all sorts of situations. Having to deal with strangers who take advantage of the absence of law, community leaders who can't do anything to save those who follow them, and of course, loss of friends and family members but being forced to move on.

Nihon Chibotsu 2020 keeps you on your toes every minute of every episode, because as it clearly shows several times over, there's no telling if a mortal danger will happen in the next minute. If you have a strong enough heart and soul, I thoroughly recommend watching it. Not sure if you want to? Watch the trailer below.


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